Easy to use, flexible, conveyancing case management

Designed with direct input from conveyancers, we are confident that we are offering the best conveyancing case management system available.

Clear and intuitive interface

  • Find what you need fast

    ConveyanceLink's intuitive user interface puts everything you need at your fingertips. Every screen is accessible in a single click, and your client and property information is always on screen so you don't have to go searching through files to find phone numbers and addresses. Finding clients and cases is easy using our smart search facility, which displays your results as you type.
  • Add new cases in seconds

    The New Job wizard guides you through the short steps of adding a new case on to the system, with postcode and DX search facilities built in to help things along. You can enter as much or as little information as you have available, and be working on the new case in a matter of seconds.

Flexibility built in

  • Avoid being caught out with the Quote facility

    ConveyanceLink's unique pay as you convey payment model means that it's easy to accommodate the system into your practice with the knowledge that it will be affordable through the highs and the lows. For extra piece of mind, ConveyanceLink allows you to add cases on as either Active matters, which open with full functionality immediately, or as Quotes, which allow you to get your intial correspondence out to your client at no cost until the matter is activated - ideal if you're unsure whether your client will proceed or not.
  • Tailor ConveyanceLink to your specifications

    We understand that every firm works differently. That's why almost everything in ConveyanceLink can be customised to your exact specifications, from letters and documents to the content of your SMS updates. You can even create your own variations on the built in sale and purchase transaction types in order to offer a bespoke service to valued referrers, or to handle more uncommon types of conveyancing. Our experienced Business Consultants will get you set up initially, and will give training on the administration of the system so you are able to change ConveyanceLink as your needs evolve.